Present and past


I LOVE D.C.'s present and past. I would think big about how to challenge, support and help D.C. Government and city planners think more carefully through how to preserve the beautiful and eclectic, unique and historic aspects and architecture of our neighborhoods - to better preserve those unique ones we still have left…

Carol, Ward 1



I would love to be able to set up a creative arts program for the youth in ward five as an after school program…This is home. I am an original Washingtonian born and raised right here. I know what the arts can do for children because I know what it did for me as a child.

Sandra, Ward 5

Healthy food initiatives


I grew up in DC and attended DCPS through high school. I'm very excited by the most recent passage of urban agriculture and healthy school food initiatives being pushed forward by city government in collaboration with community organizations. I would love to see more work around improving the entire city's food system moving forward. We need initiatives that promote healthy food in all parts of the city and ones which create jobs in the ever-growing food system economy.

Katherine, Ward 6

It takes a village

If I wasn't afraid to fail, I'd become a public school teacher in the District, and help kids learn to appreciate the importance of the rule of law and ethics and the US Constitution.

It starts at a young age, and it takes parents, siblings, teachers, and neighbors to give the youth a good baseline.

It in fact does take a village.

Monal, Ward 2