Today, our city is over 700,000 Washingtonians strong.

That’s 700,000+ reasons to love DC, and 700,000+ old and new dreams for the future of our city. Let’s bring them together - with the Comp Plan as our guide.

During the three-year [PLAN] DC amendment process, the Bowser Administration and the Office of Planning have talked to stakeholders, collected proposed amendments, and conducted an in-depth analysis of DC’s current Comprehensive (Comp) Plan.

After hearing and learning from DC residents, we are designing an amended Comp Plan by and for all DC residents. We compiled the ideas posed by the DC community into eight tangible values. These values will guide our decision-making process and determine what issues to prioritize through the Comp Plan amendment process.

Read through the findings in the published DC2Me report»


These eight key values reflect the concerns that are most important to DC residents.

  • Accessibility

  • Diversity

  • Equity

  • Livability

  • Opportunity

  • Prosperity

  • Resilience

  • Safety

Learn more about each of these values and how they will guide the Comp Plan amendment process.

Findings From the DC Values Campaign

For the past few months, it was our priority to listen to your feedback on eight key values that were identified to help guide the future of DC.

The summary of those responses are now available in the 2019 DC2Me report and includes information on how these are informing the Comp Plan amendment process.

What is the DC Comp Plan?

The District of Columbia’s Comprehensive Plan is a 20-year framework that guides future growth and development. Learn more about the DC Comp Plan here.

Read The Comp Plan Feedback Summaries

During the Comp Plan amendment process, we received feedback from the public and District agency partners. We took what we heard and summarized it by Element (chapter).

View the Feedback Summaries here.